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Our Quality


We are an institution that aims at "continual improvement" by providing the environment that meets the conditions of ALAİYE HOTELS in our hotel and always believing that we can do better. We constantly measure and improve our service quality and guest satisfaction.

We do not sacrifice quality service understanding by meeting the needs and expectations of our guests with the service we offer in the period when the facilities offered by the hotels are so close together.

We aim to be a recognized hotel in the leading world in Turkey by working in line with international standards in accordance with the legal conditions related to all our activities.

We produce and present healthy, hygienic foods in accordance with food safety laws and hygiene standards at the stages of raw material intake, storage, preparation and presentation of food in our business. All our processes are continually improved and the latest technologies are followed to minimize the risks that our employees and business partners will put at risk of health and safety and to prevent work accidents. Our employees are indispensable to the education of human rights, the protection of human rights and the equal right to benefit from religion, language and race. With the importance we give to teamwork and training, with our peaceful working environment, with each other and with the service we produce, with love, respect and trust, our employees are able to feel themselves as privileged as our guests. In order to protect the environment we live in and ensure the necessity of sustainable tourism; We comply with all laws, regulations, legislation and regulations published about the environment in force in our country, and we fulfill all the requirements completely.

While we conduct our purchasing activities, we detect the effects on the environment, we control the negative effects, possible hazards and wastes, we try to minimize the use of natural resources, energy consumption, air, water and soil pollution.

We ensure that environmental awareness is adopted not only by our employees but also by our guests and competent authorities, and we contribute to the production of environmental protection projects in cooperation with local governments, suppliers and non-governmental organizations.

We take all necessary precautions to provide high quality services, provide employment, protect and enrich natural life, and share all the activities that we do to protect the environment.



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